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The remains of the Argilos portico are located on one of these sites, at the northern end of what was the city's commercial district, 50 metres from the port area at the time.Traces of the inhabitants' entrepreneurship Archaelogical digs in 2013 unearthed a roughly 40-metre length of the portico.But Facebook lawyers said that the hearing should be dismissed, because Facebook did what it could to take the photo down when it was notified that it had been posted.

She loves to draw and colour and is quite crafty so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Does she like helping you in the kitchen, if so maybe a recipe book, cookie cutters, chefs apron etc? She also likes monster high dolls and lego friends, although her older sister helps her with the lego, I think she would struggle by herself, and she loves playing out on her scooter and her bike.

dependent on budget what about a pass to somewhere, themepark, play area? You say she likes crafts, so a book of activities and a bunch of craft stuff might be good - the frame and materials for a memory board would be great! We got our older dd a soft archery set from Decathlon for Christmas and our 6 year old loves playing with that too.

The valley of the Strymon River, whose mouth is located less than three kilometres from Argilos, overflowed with gold and silver mines.

With its ports and nearby mines, Argilos was a strategic location for trade in precious metals.

"The construction techniques and the stones used are different for one room to another, hinting that several masons were used for each room," Perreault said.