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I'm always open to new friends, but I'm selective about who I get into committed relationships with. A women who knows that it is good to be friends as well as lovers...isn't it?

like I said above- good looks are common, inner beauty is much harder to find. Tannhauser esq you know I am much better at meta model than I am at milton model. the thing about trance words is that you really need to know her trance words to use them effectively. oh yeah one more little trick I forgot to mention: when you use embedded commands put an extra space before it. ex: one of the things you'll appreciate when you use NLP, is that your life will change in ways you never even imagined..when you consider whether or not you want to send me money, for this great knowledge...imagine how good it will feel when you give Tannhauser your money.

I want to use some NLP in the opener, but I don't want to lead off with a question.

Most weasle phrases that I've memorized are question form. I'm a single, educated, and successful male of Liberian and Madagascan heritage that enjoys living and experiencing life.

Me: Sporty chicks have trouble with heels in my experience.