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City AM’s bounce rate rose 2% to 72.9%, but the domain retained its average daily pageviews of 1.46 and rose its dwell time to two minutes, a rise of 5%.

In early September of 2015 The Washington Post ran a ‘test’ of anti-adblock measures, of which there appears to be no trace for the adblock-enabled user in this period (though it can sometimes take a number of specific actions in order to trigger a blockade, depending on the level of initial indulgence for adblockers).

Wired’s anti-blocking techniques kicked in the first half of February this year, but in this case it seems to be reactive to a longer-term fall in traffic.

The slow decline towards Christmas after expo season in September and October would normally be expected, with a rally from mid-January.

All this is relatively circumstantial fare by way of arguing that deterring adblocking users deters traffic in general, but there are some unusual coincidences in the graphs.