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After their predicament is explained, Ivanov, the gangster, notes the middleman has compromised too much of the criminal organization's activities, murders him (or pretends to) in Peter's loft, and takes Peter and Zula hostage.Ivanov has been quietly siphoning common funds for risky profit schemes and is trying to save face before his associates punish him for his losses.Richard also owns a cat skiing resort in British Columbia, and his chequered past includes having been a marijuana smuggler.

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Jones hijacks a taxi that takes him and Zula to a dock where some of Jones' network take them aboard a boat.

Csongor comes close to killing Jones but fails, while Yuxia is taken captive for her part in the attempt.

Zula reveals her relation to Richard to keep herself alive, and Jones continues to drag her around as Canadian terrorist cells are called upon to join with him.

Several civilians are murdered for their vehicles as more passably Western cell members are brought in for what will ultimately be a major attack on the Las Vegas Valley, once the US border can be crossed.

The handler's promises to get them both out in exchange for intelligence on Jones fail to materialize as a hit squad attempts to kill Sokolov as he departs. Olivia is tasked with further Jones-related work, heading first to the Philippines to meet the last main character to be introduced, Seamus Costello, a CIA operative responsible for Jones-related work solely in the Philippines.