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In such a scenario, passengers are allowed to change the date and time of their flight but are not allowed to cancel their tickets once purchased.Kindly note: a ticket is only valid for 6 months after the initial purchase date so the change must be made within this period. Restricted items On Maya Island Air Flights include but are not limited to: Firearms, Ammunition, Liquor, Fireworks, Radioactive Materials, Magnetized Materials, Flammable Solids, Organic Peroxides, Toxic Substance, Oxidizing Materials, Infectious Substances, Explosives, Oxygen Tanks, Flammable Liquids, Spare Batteries and Miscellaneous substances including Asbestos and Dry Ice.Whether you want to lounge away the day in a remote resort or actively pursue all adventures the Caribbean has to offer, Sandals escapes are where you want to go.

After confirming that the baggage has been located and ready for transport, the airline will then have to contact the passenger or Maya Island Air to allow for the transfer to the terminal or passengers' final destination for pick up. Passengers who are sick or disabled may request for the use of a wheelchair during reservation of their ticket, or at check-in with the dispatchers at the front desk at no cost.

Wheelchairs may only be used within the Maya Island Air Terminal/Compound. Passengers need to present valid and current identification such as a Passport, Social Security Card or Driver's License, to reserve a flight with Maya Island Air. However, the Captain and Maya Island Air Dispatch Agents reserve the right to assign seating at the time of boarding. Simply contact our Reservations Agents by sending an email to [email protected] more information on rates, schedules and policies.

For Domestic Connections, it is recommended for passengers to allow at minimum 1 hour between flights.

For International Connections, passengers are recommended to allow a minimum of 3 hours between flights If a passenger misses their flight because of a delay or emergency and arrives late for check-in, they will be put on the next flight with space availability for that day or at a later time as requested.

has been and will forever remain a pure paradise that whisks visitors away to tropical paradises found nowhere else in the world.