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I stretch with a groan and walk out of my door to make some coffee. " I ask with a teasing smile, as Mom and I were fairly open with each other when it comes to sex. I knock on the door and Mom calls out, "One minute! Several minutes later, the water turns off and Mom comes out of the bathroom and goes into her room, calling out, "All yours! After debating what to do for a few minutes, I chicken out and drive home.

I grab my phone and see a text from mom, Hey Jess, I'm working late and I won't be home until late. I let out a soft sigh as my fingers begin to rub up and down my slit as my wetness begins to slowly grow. After digging under some of my sweatpants, I grab what I'm looking for.

I give a small smile, standing up and wiggling out of my leggings. I pull out a purple vibrator, almost a complete cylinder, except for the slightly larger head which is white with a pink heart on it.

My toned ass is kind of small, not like Mom's medium sized ass.

I have a thigh gap that my boyfriends all found sexy.

I open the drain on the tub and take a long hot shower, cleaning myself off and washing away the day. Mom shakes her head, "No, I don't want you to." "Why not? "Now can you do me a favor and forget I even mentioned it? Now, I'm going to go take a nap." Mom puts her purse down and walks off to her room to sleep. The GPS was right and it took me a little over 20 minutes to make the drive.