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If they find a larger carcass they will eat some at the site; manageable chunks can be flown off to a tree, rock, or other spots where the eagles can eat in privacy. A smaller bird would be able to carry less weight than would a larger bird.

Much of their food is scavenged (dead) and they do indeed bring carrion to the nest. What size of prey will a bald eagle be able to take and carry? A strong bird might be able to fly off an item that is about 1.8 kilograms (four pounds).

For rare bird alerts, identification aids, birding organizations in your area and even information on gadgets and gear, go to Wildlife International Birding page For fun kinds of eagle gear, visit our Cafe Press gift shop.

The eagle's crop is a sac-like out-pouching of the oesophagus and it functions as a storage area, allowing the bird to eat large quantities of food when it is available (a.k.a. The Hornby's nest is 36.6 metres (120 feet) from the ground, in an old Douglas Fir tree that is about 5.5 metres (18 feet) in diameter. Now that you've been smitten with eagles, you may want to grab your binoculars and camera.

They preen their feathers (using the tips of their beaks) to remove food or debris, to distribute oils and to 'zip' the feathers for waterproofing.