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She didn’t get hot until she was 6, and she didn’t meet her parents until she was 10 and they found her in a shoebox.

It’s more like, nonsense in a fun voice than ‘Get a load of this bitch.’” And if you can’t make the show tonight, fear not. Houlihan says she’s certainly interested in doing the show again, as she’s become quite taken with longform, plot-based comedy shows.

“I was saying my boyfriend was Derek Jeter and someone was asking how we met.

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Live ’N’ Good, her one-woman show, is similarly multidisciplinary.

She built it by crafting “a loose and dumb story” to serve as the framework for sketches, stand-up, and videos to happen.

Houlihan’s interests in wacky humor were cultivated from a young age. “Me and my brother would watch whole seasons of The Office, Arrested Development, and Scrubs. I just loved them so much and I feel like I looked at the writing analytically, trying to figure out how they put those together.” She also recalls enjoying Cartoon Network shows like , and the stand-up of Zach Galifianakis, Chelsea Peretti, Steve Martin, and Will Ferrell, who she deems “the coolest.” However, she didn’t dip her toes into comedy officially until years later.

Houlihan, 26, studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Rather than reprising the Union Hall show, she’s decided to craft a new (but equally silly) story for tonight’s show.