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Related: ACLU Sues City Over Nuisance Policy, Alleges It Punishes Domestic Violence Victims The firm’s model legislation is mirrored in — sometimes identical to — proposed state bills around the country.Minnesota’s 2017 Student Physical Privacy Act is a word-for-word copy of the ADF legislation.That’s because many used language strongly similar to the model legislation called the Student Physical Privacy Act drafted by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a powerful conservative Christian law firm with a decades-long track record of litigating against LGBT rights.

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Since early 2016, ADF news releases have focused less on marriage and more often on protecting the privacy of children in schools, its code phrasing for anti-transgender bathroom bills, an NBC News analysis found.

Fiedorek refuted the idea that bathroom bills are anti-transgender discrimination in disguise."The bills protecting privacy are simply ensuring that when it comes to intimate facilities, they are simply limiting them to biological sex. "Even if you believe you are a man, a woman shouldn’t have to undress in front of you."Fiedorek cited the concession that sex-segregated legislation frequently includes, allowing transgender students to use single-stall restrooms used by teachers or other adult school officials.

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