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Visit the Garden Hotline or call 206.633.0224 for more home-composting information.

Year-round you can purchase Zoo Doo in 2-gallon containers and 1-pint containers at our Zoo Stores at the South and West Entrances. To order and ship or to check availability, call our Zoo Store at 206.548.1535.

Worm Doo is worm castings made from Woodland Park Zoo’s Zoo Doo compost and zoo coffee grounds.

It is an exceptional rich soil and microbial diverse soil amendment recommended for seedlings, potted plants or in the garden.

When this material is watered and piled into long rows, it quickly heats up, reaching 150 degrees!

The high temperatures destroy pathogens and weed seeds.

As a conservation organization, Woodland Park Zoo is committed to being a steward of the environment and providing this 100% recycled product to the public.