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The show focuses on the relationship between single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory, who live in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, a fictional town filled with colorful characters.

The series explores issues of family, romance, education, friendship, and ambition, along with generational divides and social class, the latter themes manifesting through Lorelai's difficult relationship with her high society parents, Emily and Richard, and Rory's experiences at elite schools.

This sets up the show's primary conflict, as the Gilmores are forced to face their differences and complicated history.

The contrasting mother–daughter relationships of Emily–Lorelai and Lorelai–Rory become a defining theme of the show.

Sherman-Palladino, who served as showrunner for the majority of the series, infused Gilmore Girls with distinctive fast-paced dialogue filled with pop culture references.