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I’m signed to Def Jam through a company that I co-founded which Sam: We can’t shy away from the reports which surfaced on Billboard a few weeks back which insinuated there were creative differences between yourself and LA Reid prior to the finalisation of this new project, which had your place at the label in question. I’m always saying if it were up to me I would just like pass it out to everybody for free. Of course, the label does not want to do that (laughs).

That wouldn’t be cool, because it does take money to create the music. We have artists that are signed to us that I have to think about how we are going to market and promote them.

That’s when I said “Ok, I’m definitely going to let the label know that I want to leave”. I didn’t make an announcement or anything that I switched labels, because I just wanted to work on my project and then it would be time to let it know then. Not only are they really great personally, but they are also great at what they do.

I feel very confident and comfortable with creating and then feeling like once I create and hand the bundle over it will be in good hands. With me I just want people to hear my music and really get it.

There was something strong about it that felt like that was the right title of the album.