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Species that have been chipped should mostly be deciduous for the benefit of soluble lignin used by the white fungi rots.

A diversity of mixed species chipped, containing no more than 20% softwood (conifers like pines, spruce, fir, cedar, etc.), will not only favor the beneficial white rot fungi but will allow you to spread the wood chips fresh.

Several years in a row of Pine bark mulch applications can not only damage beneficial organisms in the soil but also develop into a compaction zone reducing air and water flow into the plants root system.

In some cases we’ve seen this layer of pine bark mulch become hydrophobic A much better choice would be Ramial Wood chip mulch (ground up tree tops and shrub trimmings).

When pine bark mulch starts to break down some not so good chemicals such as terpenes and phenols are released into the soil that damage biological activity. These compounds, and or chemicals, are good while on the tree as bark to protect itself from the environment, pathogens and pests. Pine bark mulch is used almost extensively in landscape bed preparation but should not be 100%.