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Dusty and deep, with an intricate, labyrinthian sense of connection, Interlude's incense and resins blend in an harmonious, complex whole. Following its various patterns and trails in your mind's eye, there's a meditative aspect to it, something which captures the imagination if you should let it, and in this regard it's extremely engaging. I would not describe it as cold or bitter, as many incense fragrances often are.

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Interlude Woman and Interlude Man are said to evoke an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of incense and myrrh.

Christopher Chong said: “I interpret what I see and feel into scents.

Obviously, this gets a big thumbs up, and I even recommend it as a blind buy to the more adventurous fragonauts out there.

For those who move with trepidation, it's best to sample first. After testing this out with a mini vial sampler, I decided to purchase a big bottle of Interlude Man by Amouage.

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