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After the pregnancy scare, Patti went on a rampage. She told people that her “son had a concept for the show and it was going to be like Downton Abbey and then this shameless strumpet came in and ruined everything!

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She might run into Shep, or exchange a text with Craig but she tries to keep an off camera life. Rachael says that on VPR they are all real friends who knew each other. Racheal wants to talk about watching themselves on TV. She does think that the opportunity came to her a bit before she was ready. Kathryn says she is living at home in Monck’s corner. There seems to some therapy speak in Kathryn’s conversation. Thoughts on Landon They talk about Landon and how she is socially unaware and a little off. Her plan for the reunion was to try to show a softer side and it failed miserably.

Despite all the feedback Landon gets on Twitter she doesn’t seem to even consider. Kathryn says that everyone on the show has learned how it works now and has an agenda as to how they want to be portrayed.

Kathryn tries to make it seem like tha was the extent of their relationship.

Rachael actually pins her down and says, “Wait, so you never really hooked up with him?

She said on the shopping trip he told her they would come back alone so he could by her things.

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