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At the suggestion of an e H rep, I've been making routine text edits and photo-swaps, but same thing: Nothing, nada, zip -- fuhgeddaboudit. I think I had stayed up too late that night and wasn't thinking clearly. I initiate communications, even though I really prefer the other way around, but even that doesn't get any reaction. Changing my profile, pictures, etc doesn't seem to make any difference.

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If these matches upload a photo or fill in their profile answers, you'll still be notified in your Activity Feed.

To hide matches, follow these steps: You only have the option to Hide "new" matches - matches that you have not yet communicated with.

Well, at least I don't get any profile view notifications.

I started viewing their profiles every day, and theirs usually indicates "active today," but they never view mine, or reply or block. Many are not active but the ones who are mostly never view my profile.

The Tinder-like swipe feature allows you to look briefly at a thumbnail tile (pic and brief stats/headline, not counted as a ''view'') and next them into the ''Hidden Folder''.