Autism dating website

However, you may need to get out of your comfort zone in order to meet someone new.

Online dating and joining a new social group may be better options for you.

Autism dating website

Cantu's mom, 37-year-old Kristen Fitzpatrick, handles marketing and Cantu, who is a game design and production major at College of the Canyons in California, handles the media and technology.

"Kristen is also autistic, so we are both able to understand when the other one is needing support," Cantu said regarding working with her mother.

Dating others on the spectrum takes the fear and anxiety out of dating for Cantu.

Cantu told Buzz Feed that autistic people on a non-spectrum sensitive dating site are constantly worrying, "Do I tell them I'm autistic from the beginning? " "Because we all are autistic on the site, we can easily share each other's experiences that we may have difficulty expressing to non-autistics," Cantu said.

"I myself and many other people on the spectrum are uncomfortable with physical affection.

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