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Cavanaugh was also heard as Birdie in six Wacky (2000).

After returning to Utah, Cavanaugh led a simple life, which included reading, writing and hiking.

Speaking of the Dutch Republic, it just so happens that today The Netherlands welcomed a new king. As for my book about William & Mary, now that Monmouth is soon to be out there, I can turn my attention back to finishing it.

Many big-name actors have a lucrative second string to their bow by providing voices for animated films and television series, but Christine Cavanaugh was one of a small group in Hollywood who made a career out of lending their vocal talents to such productions.“There’s a freedom to voice-over acting,” she said in 2000. Cavanaugh even inhabited the character away from the studios when she arrived on the red carpet at the 1996 Academy Awards carrying a pink, pig-shaped, bejewelled Judith Leiber handbag.

I’m an extrovert, I’m confident, I find it easy to talk to new people and make friends, but ‘firsts’? I was reminded of this all over again on my son’s first day of kindy. I flashback to myself as a five-year-old at the birthday party of a sweet Indian classmate.