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The MBI -- a task force founded in 1978 to investigate and prosecute vice -- made 10 arrests at Video Exposé, charging the store's clerks and managers with selling adult material without a license, a second-degree misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $250.

MBI Director Bill Lutz says the arrests were the result of ongoing surveillance of the store, not a difficult task considering the fact that at one time store owner Greg Burris advertised his triple-X videos in Orlando Sentinel, the telephone book and on a giant billboard on Forsyth Road.

WALWORTH COUNTY -- Caught on camera: A woman was seen stealing a Donald Trump campaign sign from a home in rural Elkhorn -- and the homeowner said it's not the first time a Trump sign has been stolen from his front yard. He has turned the video over to police, hoping the woman is caught and his signs stay put.

Tom Schinke set up a camera after a sign was stolen a few weeks ago. Someone's been stealing the blue and white campaign signs -- and the latest theft was caught on camera. " I have plenty and I have connections to get plenty more. Stealing campaign signs like this is against the law.

It's true that Video Exposé went overboard in the past in promoting its business.