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In that period, he served for a time as President of the Christian Medical Association of South Australia.

In Australia’s regional neighbourhood, he played significant roles in the establishment of: the Hong Kong Creation Resources Ministry (and the translation and printing of both into both Chinese scripts), the Singapore Friends of CMI (including several potential speakers), and the Philippines Creation Network.

Another legacy of Carl’s is his major role in conceiving and setting up the formal federation of CMI ministries, known as CMI-Worldwide.

This ‘temporary stint’ ended up being 28 years of fulltime leadership of the ministry, amounting to over four decades of creationist involvement in all.

During this time, the ministry changed its name to was widely regarded as a world leader of its type, and CMI-Australia was actively cooperating with sister ministries in six countries.

While YECs believe a “plain reading” of the English translation of Genesis 1 necessitates belief that God created the world in six 24-hour days some six to ten thousand years ago, OECs believe that textual and grammatical nuances of the original Hebrew suggest six long epochs of time.