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Well, now times are different and i know I am feeling him and I think he is feeling me too.

Also, note that if there is a snag, it might not be pretty. realize that their friendship is not a bargaining tool in any relationship that might occur between you and this guy. If my sister yanked him around a bend, I could probably deal with it, as long as he could, but it could be uncomfortable. There are a lot of answers here that are black and white as in "do it" or "don't do it." You might just try to do whatever the heck you choose, but to respect your brother at the same time.

Look, as your best friend you KNOW I'd do ANYTHING I could to help you and make the divorce less bitter and less ugly. Want me to go do a Bobby Ewing Shower scene for her? she doesnt LIKE sex but I'd take one for the team if you wanted me to"We STILL laugh about that! on the other hand, we are so much alike it is scary. i kno i am def grooving with dude but have been afraid cause i think things should go slow just incase, cause i Do Not want things to get wierd (and i dont think dude does either). Ur putting ur brother and his friend in awkward situations.

Why would you be asking us instead of your brother? He also probably has better insight about his best friend and can tell you how he treats women... ]i love my lil bro but he is still young 24 and a**** he cannot take anything seriously. we are all gonna be partying together this weekend and it might be a good time to bring it up. If he says YES, and if things go very sour between u and his bud, now hes in the middle of a bad relationship.

Definitely make sure to keep your brother's friendship and your relationship separate. Gossip in this situation is YOU telling the guy things about your brother that maybe your brother doesnt want revealed.. If the guy turned out to be a jerk to my sister, I wouldn't want him as a friend any more anyway, no matter how long I'd known him.