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-- I have tried to keep our communications cordial -- offering support and greeting her on holidays and special occasions. If I were to act as she did, I would post to all her family, friends, associates, and to the whole world that she was responsible for my mother's death. I did initially misrepresent my age to her, but I told her my real age (five years older) before she first met me (she traveled to me in the USA) and she said that it was fine, absolutely no problem for her.

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I have not used that word with her since (to the best of my recollection), but she uses that word and many other obscenities when communicating with me and with others. I do not want to write much, but beg you to give me a chance to prove to you how serious i am about you, and i believe when we are together as one, those thing that seem to be a problem now will definitely have a solution, but it is just the matter of we putting heads together to have a way out.

Does this sound like someone who was at all serious in her marriage commitment and in having a family together? I used an inappropriate word once when I described how she was being abusive to me and torturing me in many ways.

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