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We describe the club and the experience we had there. Continued In this episode we take our listeners along for a ride as we try “cloning” Mr Atom’s cock using the Clone-a-Willy kit we got on our last trip to the states.

This week we are serving y’all up with another game of “Would You Rather?

” Once again we have the podcast fan-favorites L0L0 Lady and The Ginger Tramp to play a sexy (and smurf-tastic ) game of …

If you want to read the article that we ...…Welcome back y'all! On Twitter @Byth Bi Podcast On Facebook Bythe Bi Podcast Or email us here Want to help us out? We'll highlight some of the icebreakers that we played and saw and some of the action that we had.

In this episode, we talk about our daily lives and how (or in some cases if) our bisexuality affects it. Mr Atom rants from atop his soapbox more than once! Next is the highlights from our own Pendulum Party.

Continued While recently up in Brisbane, we were lucky enough to hit up Mike’s Place, The Best Darn Swingers Club in Brisvegas, with the beautiful L0l0 Lady and The Ginger Tramp. Continued Remember that time we were on the television show “Hack Live”? Well not too long ago we were asked to appear on an episode of “Hack Live” on ABC2 filmed at Our Secret Spot here in Sydney. Continued Recently, while at Our Secret Spot, a couple asked us our opinion on sex furniture and if we had any pieces of our own. We spent last Friday night at the 24th Birthday of Hell Fire Sydney and then Saturday night was the 3rd Birthday party for Our Secret Spot. Continued In this week’s episode we introduce our friend and new business partner Mis Jif. For a while we have been discussing some of the classes in which we have been participating.

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    The Stu and Tatum Relationship is the relationship between Stu Macher and Tatum Riley.