Biggest loser 2016 sam dating

When making their cases, each brother pleaded to be voted off himself and to have his twin kept on campus.

Huizenga due to severe cramps, and Michael from the white team was treated for exhaustion after completing the challenge.

At the first weigh-in, the Purple team won first place with an 8.09% weight loss and Patti lost 23 pounds (9.4%), a record for the largest weight loss in a week for a female contestant.

Michael of the white team has lost 45 pounds in two weeks, and says he will break the record of fastest 100 pounds lost and do it by week six. In the update segment, Patti is now 200 pounds, has been able to be removed from eight different medications, and works out with her other daughter and takes dance lessons with her husband.

She did a 5K run with her family on Thanksgiving morning.

Sam became a household name after he shed a whopping 72-kilograms on Since then, he’s transformed from a shy teenager into a confident young adult.