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Jennifer Eberhardt have dedicated a significant amount of their considerable brain power towards finding solutions for issues on race.

There must be something comforting in the belief that the decline in marriage can be remedied by taking pragmatic and logical approach towards relationships for these two highly educated and socially privileged Black people.

At this point, I did not know that the Spring Street Arby’s and the subsequent area around the club 708 is a space where many sex workers, most of them African American boys & trans women, are solicited.

I had no idea as I would learn later through my work in HIV & AIDS prevention & education, that most of those young African American boys and trans-women would report that the majority of their clients are middle aged white men. I mean, why wouldn’t the majority of them be middle aged white men, who in this country would be more likely to have the disposable income? While the innuendos are mild, and likely doctored by both historians and African American studies professors who fear exposing such a history that they perceive would further “shame” black men, the likelihood of such things happening doesn’t at all seem far fetched.

I was sitting in Arby’s eating a grilled cheese, and from nowhere this middle aged white man, maybe in his 50-60’s, comes and stands above me, lurking down upon me a like a parasite longing for new blood. I asked ” and he just stared at me and licked his lips, then he flashed me several dollar bills.

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