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Producer John Winter (Rabbit-Proof Fence) makes his directorial debut with this unconventional film-within-a-film about a sex worker (played by eight different actresses) who reveals disarming truths about the oldest profession.

Foreplay, penetration, orgasms and happy endings are the pitstops of this ambitious, fearless film...

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Disclaimer: hippy-dippy-liberal, 3rd wave feminism, race-baiting, SJW bullshit is in the numbered list but is used to explain past social norms and does not reflect what I believe to be our current reality.“Black”[1]has become such a generic term to call anyone who has even the minutest drop of African ancestry, that it’s creating this expectation that we’re a monolith that functions in similar fashions in every given situation.

These were societal norms that definitely existed in America not so long ago and of course long before our great-grandparents were even a thought.