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His loquacious Italian family is very supportive, though. Perkins (Stephen Tobolowsky) tells Danny he’d be risking half his brain for a blurry gray image that wouldn’t even allow him to dodge objects. He also meets a nice Indian girl, a secretary named Leeza (Anjali Jay).

When they find out Danny has signed up for an experimental surgery that may give him sight, his mom says, “You’re a guinea! Trying to help his brother, Lenny sets his brother up on a series of dates, each wackier than the next! His visits to the hospital allow him to get closer acquainted with Leeza.

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Cell phone records also showed Charles' phone was 'immediately adjacent' to Dorothy's after he disappeared, leading investigators to conclude the 52-year-old was responding to his texts to 'create the illusion he was alive and well'.

The incident is casting a shadow over the death of Dorothy's two previous husbands.

04/08/16 1590 KBJT AM Temporarily Off Air For Repairs (Update) Wednesday morning, a rare part on the KBJT Tower failed and the radio station lost power.

He doesn’t know if he’s handsome, and laments that he’s a virgin.

When police interviewed Dorothy a second time, she repeated her alibi, saying Charles took his cell phone and debit card and left the home on February 10.