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just like I didn't deserve to be left broken-hearted and out of pocket."While she was making light of the situation, she hoped other internet daters would learn from her mistakes."The biggest thing for me is just raising awareness for not only women, but men as well: be careful.

You don't know who you're meeting, don't rush things."He said he'd pay rent money.

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Trade Me spokeswoman Millie Silvester said: "It sounds like this Lower Hutt seller has had a bit of a bad experience lately.

We wish her all the best and we're hoping this action takes off and gets some much-needed cash."We love to see our members make the most of a bad situation."Jane revealed she had toyed with the idea of "decapitating" the ducks and sending their bodies to the man who betrayed her."But they are just innocent rubber ducks, they don't deserve that ...

A Predatory Environment If you think your local bar or nightclub is the quintessential “Meat Market”, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The online dating world is fraught with pick-up artists.

To show a profit, they need to keep you unmatched even longer.