Bristol palin and mark ballas dating october

She urges Mark to keep pushing the boundaries on Bristol's behalf, but she says she's "proud" of Miss Palin.Bruno: Bruno's impressed that Bristol was "pumping" it out there and hit all the steps very quickly, Plus, she didn't lose focus - "Well done!

She and Maks are a funny duo, especially when Kirstie has a bump in training - "Do you need a hug? I'm actually channeling the girl from getting killed in the shower." But will her routine impress the judges? He admits that he would have liked it to be a "little cleaner", but says Kirstie's the best for fun.

It starts with her popping out of a cake - impressive enough in itself - and ends with a bizarrely brilliant swimming motion! Paula: Paula says the dance was a great way to begin the show, praising the way Kirstie takes on characters and saying she danced it "wonderfully".

He explains that Sabrina's dance was "fabulous": "I was with you and I loved it."Paula: Paula says that the duo got the Studio 54 vibe just right, and praises Louis for choreographing to Sabrina's strengths.

But she does point out that there were a couple of missteps.

He admits that it could get a bit safe at times, but overall was her best dance yet.