Bsd updating software

Using your favorite editor, load ~/prime.list, which indicates which packages were manually installed.

bsd updating software-36bsd updating software-83

Bsd updating software

DPorts is Dragon Fly's own third-party software build system. Differences between ports and DPorts are intentionally kept to a minimum, both to maintain familiarity for mutual users of both operating systems and also to leverage the tremendous amount of work the Free BSD contributors put into ports.

DPorts can and does feature ports unique to Dragon Fly, so it's truly a native system.

Avalon will have new packages first and they'll be updated as a set.

The others are mirrors and may be much, much faster depending on the user's location, but there will be a period between set updates where the mirror is mix of old and new packages. If you want to switch off the overloaded Avalon, simply change the The provided may not be up to date.

Now everything except package needs to be removed off the system.