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Using deception, threats of harm, physical force and psychological coercion, Salazar compelled their service for prostitution in Houston area bars.

The girls were delivered to a man in San Antonio referred to in court records as the "boss," who had them strip, inspected their bodies and told them they were going to be having sex with men for up to five years to pay off their smuggling debt.

The "boss" said he had paid $3,000 apiece for two of the girls and said he would pay even more to get them ready for other men, witnesses told investigators, according to their statements.

But he says he will also propose to amend a "Treatment of People" law to include an article that makes bride-selling a criminal act.

Such action is opposed by many who see indigenous traditions as a virtue of Mexico's cultural diversity.

- companies built plants there to take advantage of low-cost Mexican labor after the 1993 passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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    Six of the bone samples were identified as sheep (Ovis), and an additional sample from Huoshiliang (Shaanxi Province) was provided by the Shaanxi Provincial Museum.