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Rendo] Them cold nights I was out there with my bro Snipes Plus DJ we was gripping on them cold knives Keep talking, just wait till it's show time Let the whole gang cut through, truss me, it's home time Put digits up in that trap line Cats call me, they love mine Heat man up with that sunshine 410 that's a 41-circle, big dots that will dump guys Rest in peace my brudda Shak, that's broski from long time No you don't come to the F, you go Tennessee's you jokeman Flexing with your girl, but she's topping off the whole gang (Slut, slut, slut) Catch man in a hurry I'll steak man that curry (Bang) I'll leave scenes all bloody You're acting like you're cruddy (No) I'll slap man in the gully (Slap) And little nut with the brukky (Boom) And add a K you're funny Got 20 man on ten toes and all of them were bunny And saying that he wan' beef me, but he licks bum that's bummy And I say fuck you, fuck your friends, I only want this money And fuck alla these silly opps, I'm still getting this money Get the drop, drop an opp, cut somewhere sunny And T Face the savage one will leave man all muddy 5 opps, 1 me, and all of them were runny (dashy) [Verse 3: A.

M] Them man there don't know what I'm on Man got bells all over the drum Man get top then skeet on her tongue Them man there put juice in her bum That shit wrong Tell a man Ehh Put two bells up there and I skrr Man wan scuff up, tell a man nah 1 2 corn, just send a man there Girls wan' kiss, just look at my face I ain't that buff, cut to the chase I don't want love, I just want face You just want Ps, but it's too late Why you so broke get the fuck out my face Only got Qs or 10s or 8s I don't give a fuck if you fuck with the boss Man's A. M You might know me for them robberies, when I backed that skeng Or the madting when I chased man and he left his friend (Neeks) You get jook jook in your head back you won't think again (Nah) You won't think again Boom-Bam in her face Then I skeet skeet on her tongue And if her boyfriend wan chat shit, I'll put one in his lung (Jook jook jook) Jook me, are you dumb?

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You don’t know what you got in store So you think you can fuck with me do ya?

Baby, soon you’ll know there’s a whole lot more 'Cause I don’t really like you and for that I’m sure I think it’s time we need to settle the score [Breakdown] So you think you can fuck with me do ya?

If I see Chris Cornell on any kind of stage, I would be exceedingly inclined to piss in a bottle and throw it at his ill-highlighted faggoty ass head. The other day, I had an argument with a coworker the other day determining who's better, RATM, Soundgarden or Audioslave. Another REHASHED THREAD OF REPETITIVEITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M GOING TO KILLLLLLL MMMMMMYYYYYSEEEEEEEELLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFF Saying you like Audioslave more than RAGE (or vice versa) is like saying you like Bjork better than The Chili Peppers... now if you said, "A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac... Realistically, saying Velvet Revolver is better than Guns n Roses is more like it. I LOVE Audislave's self titled album but their albums since that I can take or leave...

I would take an AIDS ridden needle and stick it in his greasy ass eye. I actually kinda dig Audioslave's work, well, their earlier work. I, of course, was for RATM and he was for Audioslave. Not saying that they are, but you know what I mean. The other day, I had an argument with a coworker the other day determining who's better, RATM, Soundgarden or Audioslave. But of course RATM are on a completely different level!

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