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With Haley Joel Osment, Frances O'Connor, Jude Law, William Hurt. (116 min.)Staff **1/2 An all-but-orphaned Texan (Damon) who hungers for horses and a land without borders, flees to Mexico with his childhood pal where he finds lessons in love, death, and revenge.

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Stillman has crafted the sort of film which will be sweet to some and sour to others, but for me its aftertaste was particularly unpleasant.

The top-tapping finale feigns optimism, tying its character's arcs into a neat little bow and waving them off on, yep, a dance number, but I can't help wondering what'll happen to these people when they leave college, separate and enter the real world, or at least this kookily askew version of it.

They share ideas about love and relationships, subjects which Violet knows little of but waxes lyrical on nonetheless.

Her advice is for people not to date guys/girls they find physically attractive, or would rank as "cooler" then themselves, for this will inevitably end in tears and tragedy.

Megalyn Echikunwoke is equally annoying as Rose, whose affected English accent makes the pronunciation of a repeated phrase, "playboy operator", particularly unbearable.