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In a recent article in The Washington Post, Elahe Izadi boldly stakes the claim: Based on a new five-year study in Australia, it seems like our cultural over-emphasis on physical chemistry, personal charm and charisma, and/or our conditioning to be drawn to the “bad boy” or the “bad girl” may, in fact, The study’s findings may have broader implications when it comes to picking partners, said Joshua Jackson, an assistant professor at Washington University.“This might be something to suggest that people maybe should be attuned to these conscientious, more dorky, not-as-lively-or-exciting-because-they’re-rule-following people,” said Jackson, the study’s lead author.

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They become hugely popular, ride a wave of cultural phenomenon, than seem to disappear as quickly as they came. Watch movies on Lifetime television, and chances are "soul mate" will be uttered in some way, shape or form. But I'm here to tell you something that may not be popular, but I sincerely believe it's the truth: There's no such thing as a soul mate. For example, we have friends who spent their lives on the mission field. Stop listening to those sappy love songs and dig into the Word!

But there's a term that was introduced years ago and still hasn't dropped from the vocabulary, even in Christian dating circles. In fact, entire stories have spawned from the idea of a soul mate. Now, before you gasp and go storming away from your computer, consider the premise of "Sleepless in Seattle". They start believing the hype instead of believing the Truth. I would hope that the Lord would bring someone for me to marry again in time, but if Ronda was my "soul mate", then what would that make my second wife--"soul mate part 2"? God has a perfect mate for you and will help you find them. The wife will flat-out tell you that she did not love her husband when she married him. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." He had a plan for me and he has a plan for you.

“There’s something to say in terms of the characteristics you should look for in a mate.

This might not be the most obvious, but it’s important.” All joking aside, whether or not it leads to career advancement or making more money, when it comes to romance…it makes sense to take the time to look more closely than just the surface.

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