Consolidating police fire departments

“The public is looking for firefighters to do more with less,” said Clyde Ross, the Farmington Fire Department’s deputy chief. fire service, but in Maine about 93 percent of fire departments are either entirely or primarily staffed by volunteers, according to the Maine State Federation of Firefighters.

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A lack of money, including a decline in state revenue sharing money and fewer 9/11-inspired grants, has tightened municipal budgets.

In central and western Maine towns, unlike the more populous communities in the southern part of the state, most departments have little to no full-time staff, and the declining ranks of volunteer firefighters is challenging towns’ ability to offer an essential public service.

Breaking down each city’s emergency services budget, the study pinpointed overlapping costs that could be reduced through cooperative resource use and staff placement.

Strategies and Issues To help municipalities implement sustainable shared services program, the Emergency Services Consulting International research team discussed three methodologies: functional, operational and legal unification of emergency resources.

They are performing more services, like emergency medicine for the state’s aging population.