Consolidating services in lima ohio

But when Frank Daidone became Denver’s CIO in 2013, that centralization effort was not complete.“The first version of consolidation was a co-location of like-minded, like-skilled individuals,” Daidone said.

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The person assigned to that function knew a lot about electrical operations but needed help from people who understand Internet protocol.

“So the decision was made that that person would work for us.” The IT Department now also supports the city’s radio systems, and in 2016 it will probably add a position to support the traffic signal network, Barrett said.

One of the challenges the centralized model creates is that internal customers sometimes become overly dependent on the IT department, Barrett said.

“In some departments or divisions, there is no real technology owner and they want you to fix all their problems.” But IT staff members don’t know all the ins and outs of software purchased for individual departments.

In recent years, as more systems have come to rely on digital technology, the city has moved even more functions from departments — including city-owned Marietta Power and Water — into the IT organization.