Coping with rejection in dating

In fact, you are struggling with the fact that things are out of your control.This is not unusual; when most people are not the ones to bring about the end of a relationship, or the one in the driving seat of things, it can be really bewildering and more difficult to comprehend.

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Would you rather he stuck with you and did what he was going to do anyway?

Because you know that these guys only operate on their terms so it’s their way or take a run and jump!

In part one, I explained how our ability to cope with rejection is tied to our self-esteem and that our sense of rejection is compounded by the fact that we engage in a self-fulfilling prophecy of choosing partners that reflect our fears and negative beliefs, which in turn, when we habitually engage with these types of men, sets us up for rejection.

We are often, in fact, engaging in behaviour which causes us to reject ourselves.

This is not about you – if he is a Mr Unavailable or assclown, he doesn’t want to do these things with anyone and you could substitute a different woman, and you’d get same problems, different package.