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It was reportedly passable on foot up to the 15th century until storms deepened the channel: temple records seem to say that Rama’s Bridge was completely above sea level until it broke in a cyclone in 1480 CE.

The western world first encountered it in “historical works in the 9th century” by Ibn Khordadbeh in his Book of Roads and Kingdoms (c.

Even with the inaccuracies of radioisotope dating, periods of radioactive decay greatly reduce the time scale set up by evolutionists.

While decay rates may be accurate from the time of creation to the time of the flood, there may have been a rapid decay at the time of creation, followed by normal decay rates until the time of the Flood, when there was most likely a very rapid rate of decay due to an atomic explosion that released the waters of the deep as told in the Bible, followed by normal decay rates.

Dawkins begins with the question, "Did everything in Creation fall together by chance or was there an intelligent designer like God?