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Criminal record dating

And if she had known anything about his background, she wouldn't have gone near him." "I think that every website should have at least what you're saying, in terms of having the option to use an area of people that have been screened for criminal records.

And at least give people the choice," sighs Sarah, a Toronto professional who learned the hard way. He is accused of defrauding three women he met through online dating sites, and now faces 23 charges.

Read more here Criminal backgrounds of Canadian daters could be checked without breaking privacy laws, because the daters could authorize or volunteer to provide their criminal conviction record check to the dating sites, he said.

"Shouldn't people be able to find ways to protect themselves?

A dating website could feature separate "screened" or "premium membership" categories allowing daters to submit their own criminal conviction record checks and then communicate with others who had done the same.