My digital signal is a Mac Mini and Time Capsule NAS running Roon to various endpoints.


Schiit states that any tube that works in the in Lyr 2 and Mjolnir 2 is good to go on the Vali as well.

Their non-exclusive list includes ECC88, 6922, 6DJ8, and 2492.

"I think I know who I was talking about, but we're really good friends now so it's really funny!

Steven Stone from Audiophile and The Absolute Sound was kind enough to publish an article I wrote about the sometimes strange confluences of aural recall and tube rolling. Here’s the link to part one: family has grown exponentially in the past three years, with two sons under the age of three, two in-laws under the same roof, and three large dogs.

My speakers are Joseph Audio Pulsars, powered by a Vinnie Rossi LIO modular power supply/tube preamp/phono preamp/DAC/MOSFET amp.

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