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Only part of its needle, which cast the shadow necessary to show the time, was preserved.

To read about a 3,300-year-old sundial discovered in Egypt, go to “Artifact.” reports that three 2,000-year-old baths, complete with bricks, tiles, and sewerage drains, have been uncovered in Liyang, an ancient capital city located in northwest China.

Recently I wrote about how we can often end up in situations that in our mind feel like we’re in a relationship because they have what appear to be the hallmarks of one, but they’re actually a casual relationship.

This is incredibly frustrating for the average person because they wonder how on earth they can be crazy about someone, share a number of the same interests, feel deep attraction, have sex and contact over a period of time, and still not be in a bondafide committed relationship.

These situations happen because we are looking for the hallmarks of a relationship (what we feel are the markings such as regular sex, stuff in common, being introduced, talking about the future etc) but we’re not looking for the landmarks of a relationship (the substance): When someone has limited access to their emotions and has limits to how much they will let you in, you cannot have genuine intimacy in your relationship.