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Please review the troubleshooting section for issue(s) that have prevented installation.Should the install hang or fail undetected by the installer then the install log can be invoked / viewed manually from the Installer Menu as shown here: The only hang we have experienced during development or testing is when a previously installed driver is in such a state that the installer hangs waiting for the currently installed driver to terminate.The native installer only works on Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

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Depending on the alternative method used there are some installer plug-ins that will not work in that some dialogs will not be shown, specifically the dialog used to configure the serial port when installing for a serial device.

In this case simply invoke the UPDD Console program after install to add the device and configure the serial port.

We do advise on the installer screen that it can take some minutes for touch functionality to work.

These instructions relate to the standard method of installation using the standard Installer application supplied with Mac OS X. This may be invoked automatically by some browsers.

Our installer carries a genuine Apple developer certificate and will install with the default Gatekeeper setting of Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers.