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Throughout his run in the series, Bobby was linked to all kinds of bad behavior — skipping school, taking drugs, the occasional murder... These days, Bobby still regularly appears at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department... In the fourth episode of Showtime revival's of the David Lynch and Mark Frost drama, Bobby makes his surprising debut as a silver-foxed deputy — a dramatic change of circumstances for the character, one that serves as a shortcut into emphasizing how much time has passed since the original Twin Peaks.

It's a reflection of how much Ashbrook has changed as an actor, too, according to what the man tells The Hollywood Reporter; indeed, he celebrated his 50th birthday this past week, a milestone that happily coincided with his iconic character's unexpected comeback. She passed just a couple of days after we finished filming that.

There's a lot of people who cry on Twin Peaks though, man. They'll be sitting at the roadhouse and they'll start crying, you know what I mean?

(Laughs.) Everybody always thought James (James Marshall) was the sensitive one. If the return of "Laura Palmer's Theme" was peak Twin Peaks nostalgia, what's it going to be like when Bobby crosses paths with James and Shelley (Mädchen Amick) and the rest for the first time?

When we last saw Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick), she was considering marriage to Bobby Briggs *Dana Ashbrook), after having an affair with the high schooler during her marriage to the vile Leo (Eric Da Re).

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