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An outdoorswoman, her clothing of choice is slim jeans, leather workman's boots and baseball caps.She is not attached to creature comforts and is proud of her rustic lifestyle of splitting logs and eating nuts and berries.It has haunted her: half-told stories of strange behaviour that made her sound in urgent need of psychiatric treatment. Yet she has appeared in nearly 70 films over the past 30 years. "Many actresses are playing other people because they are shy," she counters.

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The following year the couple began to see each other and soon Hannah sidelined her career in order to be with the handsome son of JFK.

After a close brush with the wedding altar, Hannah and Kennedy broke up in 1994.

She appeared a front-runner, close to becoming Mrs. At seven, her parents divorced shattering her sense of security and well-being.

The young girl withdrew tighter into her fantasies and worried about the financial obligations of her younger brother Dan and little sister Page.

American actress with a lanky 5'10 build, great long legs and flowing blonde hair.