drake and rihanna dating july 2016 - Dating a busy person

That was my day off as well and instead of planning a fun trip with friends or going on a hike I had saved it for him.

We talked about our busy-ness - he warned me at the beginning of the month this one was going to be a doozy.

He said sometimes he feels bad because he doesn't want to say no when it comes to plans but doesn't want to say yes and then disappoint. When he couldn't find the time for unrelated plans we tentatively had this week, he then offered his availability for the entire following week to help me when I needed it for installing my show. I mean seriously, the man has a job, works out at the gym and is in a band. She said that in her prior relationships she was with men that wanted all of her time.

I thought that is what I was getting myself into because that is how things were before. This is a really tough situation for any relationship!

This residency program is 3 yrs and the sacrifices that need to be made in order to make this work seem quite heavy considering we have only been together 4 months and don’t know what the future holds. You’re with someone who sounds like is being physically, emotionally and psychologically challenged every day.

I worry that we aren’t communicating well on these types of things.