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It was a rich, robust red VA flavor but it seemed tempered with burley, as it was more earthy.Not sure how they accomplished that with just VA's.Before the rains come this warm summer day, I relaxed under the back yard pin oak - with my Sunday pipe (a Butz-Choquin Cocarde bulldog) and a bowl of C&D Briar Fox.

I found the topping to overtake the underlying Va's which would be fine if I enjoyed that particular topping; otherwise, the smoking characteristics and nicotine were perfect.

As time wore (It lasted me until last night so a little over 7 months)on and my block got smaller this got better.

Like nearly all C & D blends that I ahve tried the moisture level was perfect from the get go.

As I said earlier the initial smoking impression was not impressive.

I don't see this in my regular rotation but it would make a nice occasional companion. The problem for me is that I would rather reach for any of the aforementioned blends before I reach for this one.