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You are in no way ready for a relationship now, with such a short time after your engagement ended.

And if you say you are, you still need to take a break from relationships because you clearly have no idea what it means to be in a committed relationship. This isnt healthy - youre probably feeling the effects of the break up of the 10 year relationship through this current one, because you didnt want to face the consequences of the 10 year break up. Personally I think that her ex has been in contact with her and perhap's she still hold's a torch for him.

Be glad that you have been given a fresh start and count your blessings rather than your woes.

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However,being with someone who can"t or won't give everything that they should is far worse.

People lie,cheat,steal,and do other terrible things to each other. You can't dwell or it,people do what they do and you can't change them.

You did kind of avoid the issue of the break up by "turning it into a positive". I say this because my ex suddenly appeared after 3 month's separation.....

Just when I began conversing with another guy for the past couple of weeks!

She made it clear that it was nothing to do with me, but she needs to deal with stuff from a previous relationship and just needs to be by herself for awhile.