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A classic sign of infidelity is when your girlfriend starts working more–a lot more. Sommer notes that this suspicious change in work schedule can manifest itself in different ways: leaving the house earlier to go to work, coming home later or claiming to have many business dinners. Keep in mind that if the job is new or she has recently received a promotion, there is no need to immediately suspect that she is cheating.

But take note: is there a pattern to these extra working hours? Consider whether your girlfriend has stopped calling you by a special nickname, is less inclined to hug or kiss you, or responds less enthusiastically to your affectionate overtures.

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Assuming that she hasn’t started a new job or had some other big change in her life, take these changes as potential signs.

Cheating girlfriends often become very guarded and cagey. Reena Sommer, a divorce and affair consultant and author of the book "The Anatomy of An Affair," observes that when cheating mates are working on a computer, they are often quick to close or change a program window whenever you approach. Robert Huizenga, an infidelity coach quoted in an article on, says that a cheating girlfriend may begin to delete emails from her email inbox, where before she let them accumulate.

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