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They are, after all, the ultimate comfort buy: guaranteed to give you a boost even when you can’t find a single item of clothing to disguise your tummy or thighs.Nutritionists claim there are 108 different factors that conspire to keep us fat, from boredom to lack of sleep. I’ve never believed actors who say airily: ‘Oh, you view it as just another job,’ when asked how they cope with love scenes with gorgeous co-stars.

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I hate to break it to them, but actually there’s only one: eating too much. And looking at newly released out-takes of the then-married Brad Pitt kissing Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, I have to say I feel vindicated.

Under new Court rules, Kate must curtsy to Eugenie and Beatrice when she is not with Prince William.

For this reason, it’s become entirely normal to ‘outsource’ technical jobs to India.‘Clearly, he’s a bit special,’ says One Direction singer Harry Styles’s father proudly of his 17-year-old son’s three-month affair with a married woman of 32.

But we’re not in Graduate territory here: the Dustin Hoffman character Anne Bancroft’s Mrs Robinson seduced was a young man of 22.

In the latest volume of his diaries, Alastair Campbell claims Tony Blair made it clear that he did not want the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, to tell the Cabinet his doubts about the legality of the Iraq War. So whom are we to believe — the former spin doctor, or the former PM?