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The Gates are an exception because the seal has been designed to allow their fast replenishing.

The Shadow Clone jutsu is a Konoha kinjutsu, Whirlpool didn't know it, so it had no provision to 'recharge' ordinary chakra stores.

If he were to create that many clones, the original would take a really long time regenerating his large chakra stores and would feel weak and sluggish for hours.

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Shizune is giving him the female half of the job, since he has talent at impersonating girls.

A) Naruto's change has influenced a lot of people, and it creates a domino effect.

Inversely, the other characters have been heavily influenced by Naruto, especially Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura naturally influenced Ino and both of them touched the others.

Jiraya forbid him to use clones to master katas because his body wasn't used to moving in the required way and using a mastered style while your body hadn't developed the necessary range of movement is asking for a crippling muscular injury mid-fight.

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    In 1999 she appeared in the Paul Thomas Anderson's ensemble drama Magnolia and television adaptation of 1938 movie A Slight Case of Murder along with William H. In 2002 she played Lady Bird Johnson in HBO award-winning movie Path to War and made a cameo appearance in the Door to Door, where was shot her husband.

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    Fox Theatres was a large chain of movie theaters in the United States dating from the 1920s either built by Fox Film Corporation studio owner William Fox, or subsequently merged in 1929 by Fox with the West Coast Theatres chain, to form the Fox West Coast Theatres chain.

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    The youngest sedimentary sequences are of Cenozoic age, are only moderately deformed, and can contain large deposits of coal.